Self-practice using a ball net bag that improves juggling a soccer ball

We value the creation of an environment that makes children want to practice lifting as an element for children to improve their juggling skills.

Lifting tends to be a painful practice for children, as it takes a long preparation period to increase the number of times and it is difficult to enjoy the visible feeling of achievement.

Even if the instructor or parent says, “The trick of lifting is to repeat it any number of times,” there are not many children who are willing to practice every day.


It may be useful to say “What should I do for ball juggling practice?”, But I would like my children to act on their own if possible.

Therefore, I thought that there was a way for children to pick up the ball naturally and practice ball juggling.


From infants who have just begun to kick the ball in play, to beginner classes who have just learned soccer and futsal for the first time, to elementary school students who want to strengthen basic practice.

In terms of age, I imagine boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years.

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Prepare a place and a dedicated ball

“Creating an environment where you want to practice lifting” begins with a place to set up and a special ball.

In order for children to pick up the ball naturally and want to practice lifting, it is important to place the ball where it can be seen by the child.

Attach a hook to the wall around the living room if you want to do it indoors, and hang the ball in the ball net around the entrance.

When practicing indoors, prepare a special ball for lifting practice with a promise not to use outside.

You should clean the ball each time you practice, but it takes time to get started and it doesn’t last long.

Since the ball is kicked without wearing shoes, rubber balls are recommended for infants and lower grades, and light balls such as No. 3 balls and lightweight balls are recommended after that.

The dedicated ball will increase your motivation and put it where you can see it, so you can practice right away.

In addition, because it is hung on the hook without rolling on the floor, it does not get in the way of your feet.


Secure ball setting and practice space

Start with the handle held, and if you get used to it, pass it through the body and fix it near the navel.

I’d like my parents to help me until I can set it up, but I’ll try to start with only children if possible.

It is best for children to practice regardless of time or weather. Secure 2m ~ 3m square space near the place where the ball is placed such as in the living room.

The rule is to find a place where there are no obstructions around the desk corner, TV, overhead lighting, etc., and practice in the designated space.

When the handle is fixed at the navel, the ball moves within a radius of 80 cm, so you can practice using the ball in a relatively small space.

Also, even if you fail, you don’t have to go to get the rolled ball, so you can practice many kicks in a short time.


Wait for the moment when the switch you want to juggle is on

Most children spend their days busy doing homework, going to school, watching TV, reading comics, eating rice, taking a bath.

At such times, you may not feel motivated even if you ask “How do you practice lifting?”

When you ’re done with the settings and the space, do n’t call out and wait for the moment when the switch that makes you want to lift the child is turned on.


If you are not very interested or want to practice today, parents will practice juggling themselves using the ball net.

If you see someone doing it, you will want to try it, and if you try it, you will find it harder than you might think.

Because it is difficult even for adults to do, when they understand that they are doing difficult things for their children, they see it as a practice.

You may be able to treat the kid who is kneading gently.


Adults will casually create a child’s desire to do what they want and the environment that makes it possible.

I think that “just the right support” that we can do can be sustained in this way.

Lifting practice that I want to improve, but I don’t know what to do.

Capitan wants to work with playfulness and rationality.

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