【2WAY】Ball Storage & Folding Mini Soccer Goal(Black×Orange Red)

A folding mini soccer goal using bronze pipes that is just the right size for self practice.

When attached to the living room or entrance wall, it transforms into a ball basket that becomes a stylish storage space.

The scattered balls can be stored neatly, allowing the room to be used widely.


When the net is removed and folded, it becomes a compact size that fits into the bag, making it convenient to carry.

If you have a mini-goal when you go out, you can enjoy your favorite football anytime and anywhere.

Goal net knitted with 2mm paracord represents the universality that is always loved by the traditional black and white color scheme.

The contrast with the dazzling copper tube has a strong presence.

Copper oxidizes when exposed to the air or when it gets dirty, causing color irregularities in reddish brown and changing over time.

The more you practice, the more you use it, the more you can use it.


Fashionable and functional ball basket

The standard model is 62cm wide x 29cm high x 29cm deep and can fit a large ball such as a basketball as well as a soccer ball.

The light model has a width: 60cm x height: 26cm x depth: 26cm and is a slim size that does not get in the way when hung on the wall.

While reproducing the scale of the regular goal, the net stitches are made beautifully and tightly.

When using it on a slippery floor such as flooring, it will be slippery if it is used with the sponge part down.


How to assemble and fold a minigoal

■ How to assemble a mini goal

  1. Spread the frame and insert the 1st to 8th in reverse order of the clock.
  2. Assemble so that the frame with sponge is on the ground with Frame No. 1 on the left.
  3. Pull the frame adjuster firmly to secure it.
  4. Tilt the frame forward and place it so that the adjuster is at the top left.
  5. Hook the four corners of the net onto the frame so that the net adjuster and the frame adjuster overlap.
  6. Pull the net adjuster to fix the net tightly.
  7. Adjust the cable tie so that it is at the corner of the frame and wind it tightly around the L-shaped bracket.

■ How to fold a mini goal

  1. Loosen the cable tie and adjuster to remove the net.
  2. Loosen the frame adjuster and fold from No. 1 to No. 8 in order.
  3. Fold the net in half and place it on the net with the frame facing sideways.
  4. It rolls around like a rolled sushi.
  5. The compact size is about 30cm wide and easy to carry.

Soccer goods that can be passed down from generation to generation

Like old clothes and antique furniture, old ones have a charm that makes you feel the times.

The colors and textures that have been used over time will evolve into a warm tool that gives the impression of the user.

As you use the rust and scratches, or replace it with a new net, your memories will soak into the goal.


If it gets dirty or broken, it won’t be the end, and the old one like vintage denim looks cooler.

It is a product that can be passed down from generation to generation, from parents to children.


【2WAY】Ball Storage & Folding Mini Soccer Goal(Black×Orange Red)



Standard model 9,680 yen


Light model 8,580 yen




Standard model:

Width: 64cm x Height: 29cm x Depth: 29cm

30cm wide when folded


Light model:

Width: 60cm x Height: 26cm x Depth: 26cm
28cm wide when folded



Frame part: Copper

Net part: Paracode

made in Japan



・ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.

・ Please use it after confirming that it is assembled firmly.

・ Do not allow children to assemble or withdraw.

・ When assembling or removing, pay attention to the cut end of the pipe and do not touch or pinch it with your hand.

・ When hanging on the wall, check the load resistance of the wall and hook before installing.

If the basket is used as the main, the strength will increase if an anchor is driven into the wall and fixed with an L-shaped hook.



Since this item is made to order, it will take about one week to produce.

Delivery will be shipped by international e-packet.

The tracking number will be provided, but the arrival date cannot be specified.


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