Paracord Ballnet Bag for Juggling a Soccer Ball<with Snap Hook>(Black×Orange Red)

A carrierable model ball net that can be slanted like a body bag.

By changing the hook attached to the handle, it can be slanted or slung from the shoulder.

If you hook the hook to the center of the net, you can hang it diagonally from your shoulder.

Bicycles without baskets, such as cross bikes and mountain bikes, can be carried around in style.

Putting balls wet in the rain or soiled with dirt directly into the bag is resistant.

You can also prevent the ball in the bicycle’s basket from popping out of the basket due to stepping.

If you hold the ball net handle at the waist, you can practice juggling in the room.

Stable kicks will come out naturally by kicking continuously so that the ball does not rotate.

I think that the trick to kick the core of the ball is to be acquired naturally.

A powerfully colored ball net knitted with 2mm paracord, with a contrasting color scheme of black and orange red, it represents a calm judgment and a burning spirit.

The handle uses a 4mm thick cord, which is durable and prevents the child from getting painful even if the child pulls it strongly.

In addition, because it is a slippery material with tension, it is designed to reduce the stress that the string gets entangled when the ball is put in and out.

You can paint the name and number on the name tag attached to the handle.

Not only presents, but also souvenirs for joining the team, it is fashionable to practice with a team of colors.

Name tags are made from recycled clothes (leather, etc.) that are no longer used.

I hope that you will be able to use things with care and the attachment with only one in the world.

For the name tag, select a number (up to 2 digits), initial (upper case one alphabetic character), or no-painting,

and fill in the option remarks column when ordering.

* If there is no entry, the number “10” is entered.


Capitan Paracord Ball Net Bag Combi With Snap Hook For Juggling a Soccer Ball(BLACK×ORANGE RED)



For child (Handle 80cm)  Red 2,160 jpy


For adult (Handle 110cm) Red 2,160 jpy


For child (Handle 80cm)  Black 2,160 jpy


For adult (Handle 110cm)  Black 2,160 jpy



■ For children

Total length: 121cm Net part: 41cm Handle: 80cm Hook part: 9cm

For children up to 150cm tall.


■ For adults

Total length: 151cm Net part: 41cm Handle: 110cm Hook part: 9cm

For adults over 150cm tall.


Sizes suitable for balls 3 to 4 and futsal balls

* Images are yellow ball 3 and white ball 4. Also includes No. 5 ball.


[Notes on handling]

The bracket may be damaged if it is pulled strongly or force is applied with the hook attached.


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