“You are what you play”

This is one of the words that we value.

Capitan is an expression of this for my favorite soccer and children.


Capitan means “captain” in Spanish.

In ancient times, it is derived from Portuguese words that mean “companion chief” or “captain”.


What kind of captain do you think of?

An attractive play that excites the audience.

Always polite, strong and cool behavior.

Leadership that respects peers and sometimes inspires the team.


Some of the world ’s most powerful clubs are not only footballers, but also private individuals.

To be ashamed of the name of the captains of the past, I am sure that I have ruled myself in my daily life, and I have collated it with the ideal captain image.


Soccer is a sport played by 11 people.

There is only one captain on the pitch, but each time you hold the ball, each becomes the “leader of the fellow”.

Capitan is thinking about the things and things that children can shine the most when that moment comes.

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